Kenmore Park Junior School’s e-Safety Policy covers the safe use of internet and electronic communications technologies such as mobile phones and wireless connectivity. Our school recognises the need to educate children and young people about the benefits and risks of using technologies both in and away from school. It also provides safeguards and rules to guide staff, pupils and visitors in their online experiences.

Please take some time to view our Power Point presentation to parents on E-Safety

The virtual world of the Internet is a great place to learn, play games and get useful information; it is an integral part of modern life. However, like the real world, it also poses many dangers particularly for young children; parents can find it hard to know how to protect their child in this world.

Our KPJS bookmarks are a great resource we've made for children to use in school to raise awareness of online safety. They include important advice and reminders for children when they're enjoying time online, to keep them safe and most importantly aware of the dangers.
By learning the rules included on the bookmarks for books on online safety, children can learn to recognise dangers online and grow up with the confidence to make the decisions that will keep them safe.
We have one set for years 3&4 but a different set for years 5&6, which include more advice about online gaming.

The UK Safer Internet Centre gives excellent advice for parents and carers with tools and strategies to keep children safe online available from the website link below under these headings:

Useful Resources