Data Protection

Data Proctection and GDPR

GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation), came into force at the end of May 2018. GDPR is designed to keep personal data more securely and to allow anyone whose data is held to question the holding of that data and to be informed about how it is used. This is a European regulation and all countries in the current EEC are obliged to follow it including public bodies such as schools.

One of the main aims behind the new legislation is to control who has access to personal data and how the institution uses it. This is mainly to stop companies selling data to third parties so that they can be targeted for goods and services.

As a school we do keep data on our pupils and parents that enable us to fulfill our statutory duties such as data needed by Harrow council, the Department for Education etc. Other partners may include the police, social services and other schools. The school also sends some data to companies whose programs we use such as ‘mathletics’ and ‘bugclub’ to allow the pupils to access these programs from home.

Please be assured that the school does not sell any personal data to third parties so that they will be able to tempt the parents and children into using their services or buying their goods. Occasionally we will send out promotional literature from other companies but it will be up to the parents if they wish to use these services or buy goods. An example of this is the school photographer and parents are then given the opportunity to buy pictures of their children if they wish to.

When a child joins the school the parents are requested to fill out a data information sheet and give the school permission to hold that data. Most of the data is to help the school fulfill its statutory duty or to be able to contact parents / carers in case of emergency.

Please read through our Data Protection Policies and guidelines and if you have any questions please contact our Designated Protection Office (DPO)

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