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Breakfast Club - Now available for advance bookings only

We are pleased to inform you that we will be opening a limited Breakfast Club starting from next Monday 9th November 2020 prioritising those parents who responded to our most recent survey. This facility will only be available to the parents that responded to the survey and not the rest of the school population. Based on the successful reopening of the breakfast club we may consider offering more places in the future.

The breakfast club will be run by Sharon Poultney and Susan Tailor. We will only accept children who have been pre-booked on the system the day before. Parent/carers will not be able to book on the day. This is to ensure that we operate and adhere to our risk assessment and best plan for the number of children coming into Breakfast Club. The booking system will allow you to pre book up to two weeks in advance. No refunds will be available once you have pre-booked. (No refunds for absence, change of school or if you or your child change their mind)

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